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Community Information

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Horseshoe Valley Vision
Community Awareness

Zone 1 Task Force – Important Documents

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HV Township Water Agreement May 23, 1980
HV Township Water Amended Agreement Feb 10, 1982 (1)
HV Township Water Amended Agreement Jan 1991

Article: Water hook-up comes with a steep cost in Horseshoe Valley

Legal Letter Re: Strategy and Costs

Zone 1 Municipal Water Supply System Final Report

Planning & Development

In 2003 the owners of Horseshoe Resort received Township approval to rezone the front 9 holes of the Highlands Golf Course to permit residential development.  With the sale of Horseshoe Resort to Skyline in 2008, the Horseshoe Valley Lands (HVL) company was formed to retain and develop much of the land abutting the front 9 holes of the Highlands Golf Course.  HVL were given draft approval for 4 phases of residential development representing over 500 hundred new homes around the golf course and 250 new condo residences abutting the Copeland forest.  In 2016 HVL became insolvent and First View Homes acquired some of HVL’s previously approved land to develop mostly two story homes.

In 2017, Skyline closed the Highlands Golf Course and surprised the community by advertising the sale of the front 9 holes capable of adding another 200 plus residential development lots.  In late 2017, Mannorwood Homes acquired the front 9 holes from Skyline.  Since all new homes in the Horseshoe Valley settlement area must be on wastewater treatment versus septic, Skyline who operate a private sewage treatment plant, may increase the capacity of the sewage plant to support residential development of the property they are selling.

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Map of Horseshoe Valley Water/Wastewater/Septic for Zones 1 & 2:
Map – Horseshoe Valley Servicing – Township Map May 2017
HVPOA Deputation to Council Sept. 13 2pm-Initial Recommendations on Planning and Development Matters
Excerpts from Bob Lehman’s Presentation to the Focus Group:
HVPOA Citizen Planner’s Workshop – Highlights Jan. 22, 2018
Mayor Hughes Correspondence January 26, 2018.docx
Mayor Hughes Correspondence February 26, 2018


In 2014, Skyline sold their wastewater treatment plant (WWTP) to the township for $1 and together they created an agreement (Capital Facility Agreement) whereby for an administration fee, the township bills Skyline customers for wastewater processing and remits the charges back to Skyline.  Skyline sets residential charges for sewage with limited interference from the township. Once the agreement was officially in place, the township sold the WWTP back to Skyline.

In October of 2015, Skyline held a meeting for all residents who are not on septic tanks and who have their sewage processed by Skyline’s wastewater treatment plant (WWTP). Skyline presented their rationale for a fixed charge increase for processing sewage regardless of usage and a fixed surcharge for two years to offset prior years operating shortfalls. According to Skyline, the fixed charge increase was the result of an inherited contract with the WWTP subcontractor operator and rising cost for removal of sludge whereas the two year surcharge was a result of the recovery of immediately required maintenance and repair of the WWTF. This two-year surcharge is now complete and our next wastewater bill (2018 Q1) should be reduced by $66.62 for the majority of residents.  At the same meeting, township representatives agreed to perform an analysis of Skyline’s financial justifications for the increase and report back to Council by the end of March, 2016. In addition, township representatives agreed to engage concerned residents in the analysis effort. By March 2016, residents asked the HVPOA to advocate on their behalf.  Since the Skyline meeting in October 2015, numerous communiques, requests for meetings and documents identifying concerns and financial discrepancies sent to the township have gone unanswered.

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2014-Agreement with Skyline Utility Services Inc. Waste Water Treatment (1)
WWTP Plant – Oct. 14, 2015 Operating Plan Skyline Presentation
Mayor Hughes Letter March 2016
Councilor Coutanche Letter April 25, 2016
Chronology of WWTP Issues January 18, 2018
Private Wastewater Allocation Concerns
Historical Wastewater Charge Chart